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In Art

From the world famous statue at the foot of Castle Rock to the classic Victorian painting by Daniel Maclise, the Robin Hood image has captured numerous artist's imagination in a variety of interpretations. However, possibly his greatest artistic legacy lies in the wealth of millions of graphic illustrations created for comic strips, book covers, film posters, toys and computer games etc. His continuing global popularity ensures that a new graphic image of the Sherwood hero is "reborn" on a regular basis.

CREATING THE LOOK OF A LEGEND - Why Robin Hood is a Graphic Artist's dream character!

Across the centuries, artists and illustrators have produced millions of images of Robin Hood, based on the picture they conjured up of him in their mind's eye! Although the mystery and speculation surrounding the outlaw's actual existence left artists with no "real" person to refer to - it also uniquely presented them with the gift of a "blank canvas" on which the freedom of their imagination could create and interpret the key characters and locations in their own personal, artistic style. The invention of the printing press and the later advent of moving pictures heralded an explosion of popular culture that imprinted Robin's story and graphic profile in hearts and minds all around the world, firmly establishing his iconic reputation as a global folk hero. The resultant artistic legacy was a vast gallery of illustrations, bounded only by visual imagination - so here are just a few examples of ways in which artists have pictorially captured Robin Hood in various aspects of popular culture.


"They May Be Giants..."But Size Isn't Everything!

If you want to make an impression in the realms of symbolic "giant" statuary, you obviously need to think big when designing an imposing, towering structure but size alone is not always enough! A glance through Wikipedia's list of the world's tallest statues reveals that location and subject matter are also key elements that help give these mega-sized works of art their breathtaking impact that visually makes a statement.
Surprisingly, New York's "Statue of Liberty" only comes in at number 48 on the list and the UK's spectacular "Angel of the North" sculpture near Gateshead, only ranks 226 ! Officially, the world's tallest statue is the 420 ft high Spring Temple Budha in China, so, at just 10 ft tall, (including its plinth), Nottingham's Robin Hood Statue might be considered somewhat "small-fry" but in terms of its global fame and the millions of times it has been photographed by visitors it is a real league leader.




Still Standing Tall... 63 Years On!

On July 24th 2015, it was 63 years to the day since Nottingham's world famous Robin Hood Statue was unveiled to the general public to proudly stand beneath the Castle walls and remind visitors of the City's traditional links with the legendary outlaw. The anniversary prompted me to take a look at some of the other Robin Hood images around the County and to also reflect on a few other statues around the world with legendary connections.