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How Robin Hood Helped Originate "Brand" Marketing!

When the festive pantomime season approaches, I'm reminded how, over recent years, our local folk hero, Robin Hood has worked his way from being a minor role in a traditional panto to the "star billing" he now gets in the many latter-day productions that are re-titled "Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood"!


Has Robin Hood Got Too Big For His Boots?

Bob White, chairman of the World Wide Robin Hood Society, takes a look at how much the Robin Hood "brand" is really worth!


Now is The Time to Find Out What Local Business and Commerce Really Think About Nottingham's Links to The Robin Hood Legend!

Although the Nottingham public have generally taken pride in the City's world famous Robin Hood connections, the business and commercial sector have, perhaps not unsurprisingly, had a somewhat more cautious, indifferent and at times cynical attitude to any potential economic benefits that associations with the iconic legendary outlaw might bring! Even though it's an established fact that every time Robin Hood gets a mention Nottingham gets a hefty publicity "plug", the City and County still frequently fail to get the most out of its globally popular brand "image" that comes "gift wrapped" to the authorities and the community - absolutely free!