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On Location

Around the globe there are many geographical locations that have been given names associated with Robin Hood or characters and places featured in the legendary tales. This mutual affinity represents a potential "open door" through which initial contacts might be made on appropriate fronts beneficial to marketing, business development, tourism, education, community interests and cultural links. Many countries worldwide also have their own "Robin Hood style" folk heroes within their respective customs and traditional cultures and this affinity could also similarly open up potential links through such connections.


The popular tales of Robin Hood’s adventures in Sherwood Forest are the heart and soul of the most famous legend in English folklore. However, the Forest also has some interesting myths and legends of its own and BOB WHITE, Chairman of the World Wide Robin Hood Society, takes a closer look at some of the fascinating facts and superstitions that surround Sherwood Forest and its ancient oaks.


How Place and Location Names Keep the Robin Hood Legend Alive!

It was veteran Nottingham Post journalist, Emrys Bryson, who astutely remarked that “whenever Robin Hood’s name gets a mention, Nottingham gets a hefty plug - absolutely free!” - and one of the most significant factors that helps to continually keep the legend alive is the wide-spread number of locations and places that incorporate a reference to the outlaw in their name. The extent to which they are dotted all around the globe also indicates just how far the popularity of the Robin Hood tales has spread.


Robin Hood alongside the Thames!

One of the most unexpected places to claim a Robin Hood connection is the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames! Although it only has a population of about a sixth of the Greater Nottingham conurbation it boasts several significant references to Robin Hood. In fact a note in the minister’s accounts for the year 1541 mentions the existence of a Robyn Hoode Walke in what is now Richmond Park. Even more surprising is the fact that this reference appears a full 150 years before any Robin Hood place name was ever recorded in Sherwood Forest!


Here We Go Again

As Doncaster makes yet another bid to try to prove that Robin Hood was really a Yorkshireman, their recent claims only re-visit the same old issues! We know full well that, just as in Nottinghamshire, there are numerous places in and around the Yorkshire area with Robin Hood related names and connections. After all, Sherwood Forest once stretched all the way up to Barnsdale and so it is hardly surprising that the outlaw's exploits extended northwards into neighbouring territories!


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