Help Restore A Piece Of Classic TV History

"The Legend of Robin Hood"

BBC TV Series - 1975

In November 1975, the BBC publication "Radio Times" featured the start of a new six part costume drama serial to be shown to the viewing public in the UK entitled "The Legend of Robin Hood".

The Radio Times described this new production as follows:

"Most people like to think that when a tyrant comes among us a hero will arise to oppose and crush him. In the whole range of fact and fiction there is no character who satisfies this need with more romantic exuberance than Robin Hood. This new serial, written specially for television, tells once more, with a few original variations, the story of his exciting life and adventures"

Now, nearly 30 years later, a campaign is being mounted to let a new generation of Robin Hood fans (together with those lucky enough to view the series when first broadcast) see this excellent series for themselves.

Unlike other BBC productions, "The Legend of Robin Hood" has not been released on DVD or Video, We believe it should be and, along with the TV historian and Robin Hood fan Peter Watson who has started the campaign, call on Acorn Media who are releasing old BBC classics on DVD and video, to release the series as soon as possible.

Here is where you can help. If you would like to see the serial "The Legend of Robin Hood" starring Martin Potter and Diane Keen released for sale on Video and DVD, please write to:

Acorn Media UK Ltd,
10 Smith's Yard,
Summerley Street,
SW18, 4HR

or e-mail them at: .

Thank you for your support. If you would like further information about this campaign please contact

Cast List and Series Information

First Aired - November 1975
Last Aired - December 1975
Status - Canceled/Ended
Running Time- 50 min
Country - United Kingdom
Network - BBC-1


Diane Keene - Maid Marian
Miles Anderson - Will Scarlet
Conrad Asquith - Little John
Tony Caunter - Friar Tuck
Paul Darrow - Sheriff of Notingham
David Dixon - Prince John
William Marlowe - Sir Guy of Gisbourne
Richard Speight - Much


Martin Potter - Robin Hood