Key Characters
Little John

Renowned for his size and strength, Little John was Robin Hood's faithful companion and right hand man. Most people will be able to recount the tale of how Robin met Little John on the bridge and will associate this famous outlaw with his prowess in hand to hand combat. People may be less aware that Little john was also a skilled archer and shared many of Robin's other characteristics.

Little John was the only outlaw to be with Robin at his death at Kirklees Priory. His grave can be found at Hathersage in Derbyshire.

Will Scarlet

Will Scarlet's involvement with the Robin Hood legend dates back to the earliest ballads where he is depicted as a trusted henchman and kinsman.

It is believed that Will Scarlet is buried in the churchyard at Blidworth in Nottinghamshire

Allan A dale

Allan A Dale was a minstrel whose songs and music were regularly heard throughout the leafy splendour of the Greenwood. Legend has it that he was befriended by Robin and became an integral part of the outlaw band.

Friar Tuck

The picture of Friar Tuck is of a rotund and jolly Friar who became an indispensable member of Robin's band.

In the ballads Robin made Friar Tuck carry him across a stream but on the return trip, Tuck drops Robin in the water and the pair begin to fight. Eventually, the skirmish reaches a peaceful conclusion and Friar Tuck is asked to join the Merry Men.

The location of the fight is reputed to be at Fountain Dale in Nottinghamshire.

Maid Marian

In the legend Marian is renowned as Robin's beautiful and clever companion whose love for the Outlaw led her to a life in Sherwood Forest.

Tradition has it that the wedding of Robin and Marian took place at Edwinstowe church which is situated in the close vicinity of Sherwood Forest.


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