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Sheriff's Commission Announced

There could be some good news on the horizon for anyone who cares about our favourite outlaw.

After many years spent calling for action, including pleas from this website, the current Sheriff of Nottingham, Leon Unczur has done just that.

He is getting together a group of people to draw up firm plans to put Robin and the Legend back on the map in his home town of Nottingham. We are please to say that we will contributing to this process and we'll keep you all informed of progress.

Meanwhile, see below for a press release about the Sheriff's Commission and the thoughts of local newspaper, the Nottingham Evening Post.

Robin Hood 'wanted' by new Sheriff - Nottingham City Council Press Release - Summer 2009

Robin Hood's arch enemy the Sheriff of Nottingham is set to lure the outlaw out of the forest and into the city - because he's more 'wanted' than ever. The new The Sheriff of Nottingham, Councillor Leon Unczur is gathering a posse to bring his old adversary out into the open. The group, known as the Sheriff's Commission, will look at ways to bring Robin back into Nottingham after too long in exile, as it's been recognised the city has not done enough to make the most of his famous name. The Sheriff, along with other top local luminaries, have decided that Robin Hood is under-used to promote Nottingham and there should be more Robin Hood experiences for visitors to the city.

With the popular BBC series and a star-studded Ridley Scott film of the legend due out, the time is right to address this issue. Now the Sheriff's Commission, supported by an advisory panel, will gather ideas from a wide range of contributors for possible Robin Hood projects, how they might be funded, brand issues, and sound out the public on options being considered. The Commission is set to meet four times over Councillor Unczur's year in office and will launch a design competition for Robin Hood logos, co-ordinate project proposals, hold a public exhibition of all ideas, and drive the agenda for implementing any successful ideas.

Nottingham Evening Post Comment

At last, the city is prepared to define how it wants the legend of Robin Hood to be celebrated in Nottingham. Currently, we are in the embarrassing position of having no dedicated attraction based on our local hero in the city. The Tales of Robin Hood, which closed recently, was never adequate on its own, but it masked a yawning gap in the city. Now it is gone, city leaders have been forced to act. So, Nottingham City Council has announced a Sheriff's Commission, to identify and work up ideas, test their viability, and establish how they could be delivered.

The commission will be supported by an advisory panel of up to 40 people, which will be the driving force behind the project. There is merit in the approach. It is right to cast the net widely for ideas, not just on the nature of any attraction, but how it may be delivered. It is also sensible to entrust the delivery of the final report to an individual councillor, in this case Coun Leon Unczur, the new Sheriff of Nottingham. However, it is vital the process moves quickly. Why should this phase of the project take one year?

The members of the commission, in particular Coun Unczur, must also be clear the city expects them to distil the information they receive into a viable and ambitious plan. Having come this far it would be unacceptable not to deliver a strategy that will result in Nottingham having an appropriate commemoration of Robin Hood.