The Sheriff of Nottingham welcomes you.

On the following pages you can find a wealth of information including; information on the current Sheriff of Nottingham, a historical introduction to this legendary office, a complete listing of previous Sheriffs, information on Nottingham Lord Mayors and Aldermen and much much more.

We are indebted to Honorary Alderman Frank Dennett MBE who has provided so much valuable information for these pages.

Please click on the links below but watch out for the evil Sheriff!!

Introduction by Frank Dennett

History of the Sheriff of Nottingham

Listing of previous Sheriffs 1450-2000

Mike Whittall (Sheriff 1999-2000)

John Hartshorne (Sheriff 2000-2001)

Joan Casson (Sheriff 2001-2002)

Ali Asghar (Sheriff 2002-2003)

John Hartshorne (Sheriff 2003-2004)

Derek Cresswell (Sheriff 2004-2006)

Jeannie Packer (Sheriff 2006-2008)

Brian Grocock (Sheriff 2008-2009)

Coming Soon!!

Lord Mayors and Aldermen

Sheriff's regalia

Nottingham Council House