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Sherwood Forest Lottery Bid - Please use your vote!

Your vote is needed to give our Robin the home he deserves!

On-line voting begins on Monday 26th November 2007.

Robin sets his sights on £50 million Lottery funding.

Notts County Council and a range of partner organisations are bidding for the top prize from the Big Lottery Fund’s ‘Living Landmark’ programme. They want the money to upgrade the facilities at Sherwood Forest.

The Big Lottery Fund will award up to £50m to just one project of national significance. And Robin Hood is determined we'll get the money!

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But this not about robbing the rich to give to the poor. It is about turning the already world famous Sherwood Forest and its existing visitors’ centre into a ‘Living Landmark’.

This means transforming it into a state of the art conference, educational and visitor facility – something truly unique for both tourists and local people alike.

Sherwood Forest is a Living Landmark and is one of the most famous forests in the world. It's located at the heart of the United Kingdom between the major conurbations of Nottingham and Sheffield. Its association with the legend of Robin Hood places it firmly in the hearts and minds of people all over the world.

However, the Forest is no longer the majestic expanse of wood and heath land that it once was; it is now fragmented and underutilised.The Forest has enormous potential and Big Lottery Fund investment in this unique national asset could realise the long-standing vision for this project 'Sherwood: The Living Legend' which is:

To transform Sherwood Forest into a world-class sustainable destination and inspirational community resource, within which current and future generations can live, learn, play and prosper.

Over 15 organisations in the East Midlands and South Yorkshire are working together to make this vision a reality.
Building on the legend and popularity of Robin Hood and Sherwood, the Living Legend project will be a catalyst for regeneration in the Sherwood area and a world-class visitor experience.

This unique project has several exciting components:

Heart of the Forest - a new visitor complex built with cutting-edge sustainable technologies which will be linked to the ancient forest by a tree top walkway. Learn about Robin Hood, ancient oaks, wood and heath land and find out where to go and what to see in the wider Sherwood area.

Access in and around Sherwood - 250 kilometres of walking, riding and cycling routes and arterial crossings, 95 kilometres of which is new will be linked to the national cycle network, 20 railway stations with access to the new visitor complex and local towns, villages and visitor attractions. This wide reaching network will connect Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, South Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

Recreating the Forest - 300 hectares (400 football pitches!) of newly created forest to improve the look and feel of the area and restore wildlife habitat by returning the Forest to its former glory.

Sherwood: A sense of pride and place - Sherwood: The Living Legend is an opportunity to celebrate the unique character and local distinctiveness of the communities who live near the most famous forest in the world. The project will enable local people who live within the old forest area to enhance their towns and villages. The 50 schemes will vary from new community designed signs, to wildflower and tree planting, village walks and trails; to improving local arts and cultural facilities.

The plans build on the legend of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest but with a 21st century twist. In addition to the new visitor centre, plans include:

State of the art conference and educational facilities
Exhibition areas for local crafts
Better cafes and restaurants
Raised and hidden tree level walkways
The re-creation of Sherwood’s forest and heathland.

The Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council, Councillor David Kirkham, explained "This is a great opportunity to enhance an area that is already at the heart of the nation.

“We’ve put together a strong bid and if we’re successful this project would be a major force in revitalising the local economy.

"But there are so many reasons why this project would benefit not just the people of Notts, but the UK as a whole. This is about a lot more than upgrading the facilities in the forest and ensuring the legend, history and ecology of Sherwood are protected for future generations to enjoy.”

By the summer of this year, the Big Lottery Fund will have determined which applications will go forward for further development, with up to £500,000 being made available to projects to develop more detailed plans.

People all over the UK will get their chance to vote for their favourite project during a series of TV programmes to be aired during December 2007.


Want to find out more?

For more detailed information about the bid, how you can help, a full section of questions and answers and importantly, what this all means for Robin Hood - click here. This will take you to the Living Legend website which has been specially set up for this vital project.

Most important of all, your vote in favour of Robin's new home is needed when the TV programmes are aired on ITV on 5th December 2007 at 11.00pm.

It is vital that the bid gets as many votes as possible so we will all be able to enjoy this exciting scheme when it is finished. If you want to know more or would like to get involved, please visit the Living Legend website or contact us at

Brian Blessed with members of the World Wide Robin Hood Society are backing the Bid!

Please vote for Sherwood: the Living Legend from Monday 26 November on Voting is by email -so it's free.

You just need to register on the site to vote.

The ancient oaks of Sherwood are dying. Sherwood needs the money to replenish the forest and return it to its former glory, build an iconic visitor centre and almost 300km of traffic-free cycleways, bridle paths and walking routes..... and maybe even buy Robin some riding lessons!

If Sherwood doesn't win Robin will have to use the wooden bowl featured in this video as a begging bowl for decades to come.

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