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Special Events




The 16th Annual Robin Hood Festival

30th July to 6th August 2000


Visitors from around the world flocked to this years Robin Hood festival which is held annually in Sherwood Forest. This was the 16th time this celebration of our world-famous outlaw has been held, taking enthusiasts of all ages back in time to medieval Sherwood.

It saw the return of popular favourites Alan a'Dale and Festa, Hat Trick, Singing Plague victims and Sir Ralph of Epperstone. Jesting and juggling duo What A Palaver returned to deliver their own brand of fun.



The Wolfshead Bowmen were on hand to demonstrate their skills in full costume near the Major Oak.



The Sheriff of Nottingham prowled the forest, ever watchful for his old adversary Robin Hood



One of the highlights of the Festival was the superb re-enactment group Legends, who staged a display of medieval combat skills and a jousting tournament.

Here we see the brave knights as they prepare for combat

Robin Hood (in centre of photograph) prepares to take on the Sheriff of Nottingham in a joust.



Sir Guy of Gisborne baits the assembled crowd with his boasts under the gaze of the Sheriff of Nottingham

The week ended with a grand procession through the forest. Nottinghamshire's tourism chief says that the Festival: "is aimed at providing family entertainment and we want to represent to visitors the actual Robin Hood and not the Hollywood perception that people seem to have" He added that between 70,000 and 80,000 people will be visiting the festival this year.






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Coming next: All the action from the forthcoming Robin Hood Pageant at Nottingham Castle in October 2000.



Matthew from The World of Robin Hood tours the site with a friend.


The week-long extravaganza included jugglers, jesters, strolling minstrels, street theatre performers, archers and medieval knights.