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Robin Hood News-Line:

On Stage and Screen

From the Medieval plays and games of the May Day celebrations, Robin Hood and the other characters from the well-loved tales have continually retained their popularity with audiences of all ages and appeared in a miscellany of stage productions including drama, romance, comedy and musical theatre – and new versions based on the legend continue to be written to this very day.

With the advent of moving film, silent screen hero Douglas Fairbanks was quick to recognise the popular appeal of the Robin Hood story to a cinematic audience with his classic 1920's version and across the generations a variety of movies, starring actors such as Errol Flynn, Richard Todd, Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe (to name but a few) have helped the legend establish an iconic status in popular culture. Television also spawned a range of action drama series about the outlaw hero, at the vanguard of which was the 143 episode black and white version "The Adventures of Robin Hood" starring Richard Greene in the title role.

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