Robin Hood News-Line:

Robin Hood helps sing Nottingham’s praises in new musical video

The Robin Hood Statue is one of the first images to appear in a new musical tribute.

Local “minstrels”, Brian Lund and Richard Williams have written a catchy song, “Nottingham (Take Me Back), that takes the listener on a reminiscent, musical journey reflecting some of the attractions of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire and what the City and County are famous for.

In their YouTube video of the song, available at , you can watch the duo strolling through some familiar local landmarks and singing the praises of their home city.

The song is the latest of several Nottingham tribute songs that have appeared over the decades. In 1992, chart-topping local pop group Paper Lace, (“Billy Don’t Be A Hero” and “The Night Chicago Died”) wrote and recorded a song called “Nottingham”, as a novel marketing initiative to promote tourism and economic development in the City. It was released on the specially formed “Sheriff” label and was distributed worldwide and received numerous airplays on radio stations around the globe. The record was also pressed in a special 12” vinyl format and packaged in an “It’s A Record!” promotional sleeve that included a full-colour fold-out wall chart containing some unusual statistical facts about Nottingham landmarks and celebrities.

Do you know of any other songs written about the City or County? They can be amateur compositions by local singers and songwriters and be in any musical genre ranging from folk and blues to pop and classical.

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