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The Robin Hood Society gains thousands of new followers!

In the past week, we have been inundated with a lot of new followers! Please see the following news articles relating to this:

"GameStop investors inundate Robin Hood Society with thousands of new followers"


Nottinghamshire Live, 29th Jan 2021

Nottingham's Robin Hood society has been inundated with thousands of new followers on social media following confusion with a US trading platform.

Stock traders have been left in anger after the Robinhood trading platform prevented investors from buying shares this week in US electronics shop GameStop.


The World Wide Robin Hood Society promotes the story of the city's most famous outlaw but it has been pulled into the frenzy after confusion on Twitter.

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"GameStop: Confused investors inundate Robin Hood society"


BBC News, 29th Jan 2021

A society promoting legendary outlaw Robin Hood has seen a huge surge in its social media following from people confusing it with the US stock trading platform Robinhood.

The World Wide Robin Hood Society promotes the tales of the hero and his connections with Nottinghamshire.

More than 33,000 people began following the group on Twitter in 24 hours.

It comes as the trading platform with the same name curbed buying of shares in US electronics shop GameStop.

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"Wrong Robin Hood: Society for English legend goes viral after Wall Street mayhem"


ABC News, 29th Jan 2021

News about an army of amateur Reddit traders sent shockwaves through Wall Street and beyond this week. But with the world gripped by the rise and fall in GameStop stock prices, frustrated users of the Robinhood app, who were restricted from purchasing shares, had the unlikely effect of boosting the profile of a very different online society.

Looking for answers, disgruntled traders flooded the direct messages of the Twitter page of the World Wide Robin Hood society, a group of enthusiasts in the English legend of Robin Hood, based in Nottingham, England.

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"'I hear you know about stocks?': UK-based Robin Hood Society gains 33,000 Twitter followers after users confuse it with US trading app used by armchair investors behind Wall Street chaos"


Daily Mail Online, 29th Jan 2021

A British society promoting Robin Hood has gained more than 33,000 Twitter followers in a day after people confused it with US stock trading app Robinhood.

The World Wide Robin Hood Society is an online-based group that promotes the legendary heroic outlaw and his connections with Nottingham and Sherwood Forest.

The organisation which uses the handle @RobinHood started yesterday with less than 400 followers but gained 33,000 in 24 hours and now has more than 37,000.

It comes after traders using the Robinhood app faced with restrictions when trying to buy stocks as brokers began to curb trading of shares linked to the Reddit frenzy.

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"Tiny Robin Hood society in England says it's inundated after GameStop financial frenzy"


NBC News, 30th Jan 2021

A tiny nonprofit in the city of Nottingham, England, was little known before a major financial frenzy flung it into the social media spotlight.

The World Wide Robin Hood Society, based in Sherwood, Nottingham, is run by a middle-aged couple enthusiastic about championing their hometown and the fable of the beguiling English legend and his merry band of outlaws, who robbed the rich to give to the poor.

On Thursday morning their Twitter account had just 350 followers, by Saturday it had 60,000 and counting.

Stopping the interview several times as notifications kept pinging on her phone, Lisa Douglas, 51, who is part of the organization with her husband and runs its social media accounts, told NBC News she was excited but overwhelmed by the global attention.

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"Tiny Robin Hood society in England says it's inundated after GameStop financial frenzy"


Rolling Stone, 1st Feb 2021

Bob White was just starting to settle in to a quiet night with his family at his Nottingham, England home last Friday when his cell phone dinged. And dinged again. And again.

The affable, 77-year-old retiree was enjoying a cup of coffee and was barely used to two alerts in one night. But now, his phone started blowing up incessantly and he had no idea why. “My daughter said to me, ‘What’s that noise?’ I went to pick up [my phone], and it was just going ping, ping, ping, ping, ping,” he says. “And all these Twitter things were just scrolling right up the screen. I got in touch with my colleagues and they said, ‘It’s just gone bananas.’ It just never stopped.”

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