Robin Hood News-Line:
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A lesson not learned!

A lesson not learned!

‘Twas a messenger from Maid Marian who first brought the worrying news,

That a deadly disease was rife in Nottingham Town.

So Robin Hood was quick to act and made decisive plans,

Declaring Sherwood Forest in lock down!!


He demanded social distancing between his Merry Men,

 Imposed self-isolation, high in a tree.

But they were granted daily toilet breaks and a short walk to the stream,

To wash and scrub their hands, most vigorously.


Food and drink was hauled up by rope, in baskets and in pails.

And from leaves they improvised some facial masks.

They passed the time by swapping tales and singing boisterous songs;

 Making arrows, bows and other daily tasks.


This strict regime was maintained for weeks and kept things under control,

  It was vital, Robin said, for them to survive.

Their actions certainly saved the day and when they heard the threat had passed,

They knew how lucky they all were to be alive.


 It had been a grim, stark warning, a lesson to be learned,

For future generations to define.

But when the famous tales of Sherwood were passed down through the years,

 This story just got lost in the mists of time!


Now, eight centuries later, a new disease is back,

Yet the remedy required is just the same,

But we forgot the early importance of Robin Hood’s advice,

And got caught-up late in this deadly Covid game!!!


So, as we all pick up the pieces and begin to count the cost,

We salute the unsung heroes, every one.  

  The selfless, front-line champions who brought us through the storm,

The key workers who stayed resolute and strong!


Now it’s time to care for others, and seek justice for all,

 Re-distribute the wealth to do some good.

Perhaps now, more than ever, the world is going to need

 The values and the Spirit of Robin Hood!


Robert White



A geste of Robyn Hode

A geste of Robyn Hode

"Lythe and listen gentilmen, that be of frebore blode,

I shal you tel of a gode yeman, his name was Robyn Hode".

One of the very first mentions of Robin Hood was in the William Langland poem "Piers Plowman" in 1377 and across the centuries his story has inspired classical poets such as John Keats and Alfred Noyes to the more contemporary present-day poets like Alan Dent and Steven O'Brien commenting on the Robin Hood Tax.

The fascination with the tales and the varied characters has always attracted creative poets, both professional and amateur and that legacy still continues as we often receive new and old Robin Hood-related poems and rhyming verse to add to the Society's ever-growing collection. 


Nottingham's Heroes

Nottingham's Heroes

Poem by Pippa Hennessy, Nottingham Writers’ Studio

Nottingham's Heroes

Robin is in all of us.
He's in the boy who stands up to the bully
and the woman who leads a protest march,
he's in your tongue when you say,
'That's not fair, you can't make me do that.'
He's in our legs when we run away
and our knuckles when we hit back.
He's the granite of Slab Square,
Little John tolling the hours
and Brian Clough's clenched fists.
His feet walk our streets every day.
He is in you. Stand tall.
Be Robin

Pippa Hennessy , Nottingham Writers' Studio


Forest of Moonlight

Forest of Moonlight

Forest of moonlight, forest of dawn
Through shimmering mists, the sound of the horn
Unlikely, or so a sceptic might say
But Robin is there at the break of the day!

Forest of dapples, forest of sun
Beware of the shadows, be ready to run
For Robin is eager, whatever the skies
He's biding his time, in search of a prize!

Forest of mystery, forest of breeze
Echoing laughter, the whispering trees
A warning for soldiers, merchants take care
If entering the realm, best mumble a prayer!

Forest of wonder, forest of might
Be cautious my friend, especially by night
The hoot of an owl, incongruous flap
Beware and watch out, it could be a trap!

Forest of silence, forest asleep
Or is it awake, in a shimmering leap
Of present and past, the dawning anew
And sound of a horn, forever and true!

Mary Shepherd


The Worthies of England Vol 2

The Worthies of England Vol 2

Debra Wetherbee in Afghanistan brought the following Robin Hood poem to our attention, which she found when she was researching her family ancestry. The poem appeared in "THE WORTHIES OF ENGLAND" Vol.2" by Thomas Fuller, which was published in 1811.

The section relating to Nottinghamshire included this verse:

"From wealthy abbots chests, and churls abundant store,
What oftentimes he took he shared amongst the poor:
No lordly bishop came in lusty Robin's way,
To him before he went, but for his pass must pay:
The widow in distress he graciously relieved,
And remedied the wrongs of many a virgin grieved."