Robin Hood News-Line:

Forest of Moonlight

Forest of moonlight, forest of dawn
Through shimmering mists, the sound of the horn
Unlikely, or so a sceptic might say
But Robin is there at the break of the day!

Forest of dapples, forest of sun
Beware of the shadows, be ready to run
For Robin is eager, whatever the skies
He's biding his time, in search of a prize!

Forest of mystery, forest of breeze
Echoing laughter, the whispering trees
A warning for soldiers, merchants take care
If entering the realm, best mumble a prayer!

Forest of wonder, forest of might
Be cautious my friend, especially by night
The hoot of an owl, incongruous flap
Beware and watch out, it could be a trap!

Forest of silence, forest asleep
Or is it awake, in a shimmering leap
Of present and past, the dawning anew
And sound of a horn, forever and true!

Mary Shepherd