Robin Hood News-Line:

Where did Robin live?

No story of Robin Hood is complete without its setting, Sherwood Forest which in Robin's time covered about 100,000 acres. At the heart of the Greenwood encampment lies the famous Major Oak, the "council tree" of the outlaw band.

"Robyn hod in scherewod stod
hodud and hathud and hosut and schod
four and thuynti arows
he bar in hits hondus"

Sherwood Forest was of course home for the Kings deer which the outlaws hunted for their illegal feasts. People in Robin's time saw the forest as a dangerous place and travelled mostly in large groups for fear of ambush and robbery. To Robin and the outlaws Sherwood Forest was a
place of safety from the Sheriff's, men.

Today, Sherwood Forest Country Park covers about 450 acres and attracts around 3/4 million visitors a year who flock to see the Major Oak and the Visitor Centre.
Each year in August the Forest plays host to the Robin Hood Festival where enthusiasts can recapture the spirit of Robin Hood in the beautiful surroundings of the Greenwood.