Robin Hood News-Line:

Where is Robin Buried?

According to the legend, Robin journeyed to Kirklees Priory where he was eventually killed by his cousin the prioress and Sir Roger of Doncaster.

It is at Kirklees Priory that the supposed grave of Robin Hood can still be seen to this day. Sadly, much of Kirklees Priory is now ruined but roughly 600 metres from the gatehouse a medieval gravestone was found bearing a partial inscription "here lies Robard Hude..."

Robin Hood's Gravestone at Kirklees.

"Syr Roger of Donkestere
by the pryoresse he lay
and there they betrayed good Robyn Hode
through theyr false playe

Cryst have mercy on his soule
That dyed on the rode!
For he was a good outlawe
And did poor men much good"

Final verses of
"A gest of Robyn Hode"