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A recommended Robin Hood Reading List

Thousands of Robin Hood books have been written over the centuries and the World Wide Robin Hood Society is often asked by students and enthusiasts to recommend books to read, so here is a very brief, personal selection by the Chairman, Bob White from the different categories specifically identified by the Society in their "Robin Hood Reading List" that will be published in 2016.

Traditional Classics: "Robin Hood and the Men of the Greenwood" by Henry Gilbert, plus any of the superbly illustrated books by Howard Pyle or Louis Rhead.

Historic/Academic/Factual: Richard Rutherford Moore's "The Legend of Robin Hood" succinctly puts the stories into a local context, as does the late Jim Lees' "The Quest for Robin Hood." For a more serious academic analysis, try any of the books by Prof. Stephen Knight.

Children's Books: My personal favourites are "Robin Hood" by David Calcutt and Grahame Baker-Smith; and the prize-winning modern morality tale of "The Sherwood Hero" by Alison Prince.

Film and Television associated: Any of Richard Carpenter's books linked to the 1980's HTV series "Robin of Sherwood" – my particular favourite is "The Swords of Wayland."

Poems and Ballads: For a comprehensive view on the various medieval ballads, plus lots of background information, try "The Robin Hood Handbook" by Mike Kennedy-Dixon.

Romantic Fiction: "The Arrow of Sherwood" by Lauren Johnson, offers a plausible blend of historical fact and fiction in this period drama of the Robin Hood tale.

Humorous Spoofs: "Robin Hood according to Spike Milligan" is a zany rendition that reflects a modern sense of humour and for an even more light-hearted connection, try Tony Robinson's "Maid Marian and her Merry Men" books from the popular children's TV series.

Science Fiction: "Arrowhead", an apocalyptic version by Paul Kane; or "Erasmus Hobart and the Golden Arrow" by local author, Andrew Fish, which links the legend to a time traveller with a medieval twist!

Comic Strips: Respected graphic artist, Frank Bellamy's "Robin Hood – the complete adventures", brings together his classic series that appeared in the Swift comic during the 1950's.

Novelty, and miscellaneous: "Robin Hood", a touch 'n' listen version by Golden Books, New York features audio sounds that can be added to the story where indicated in the text!