Robin Hood News-Line:

The Tunnellers 2

Book Review


By Helen Dennis

ISBN 978-0-9926063-2-9

(The book is published by the author and 10% of the profits will go to Childline 08001111)

“In “The Tunnellers 2”, author Helen Dennis continues the story of the families who lived underground beneath Maid Marion’s Cottage in Blidworth, where unexpected events have forced them to “come-up” and live in the realities of the modern world. Here they encounter the social issues of bullying , suspicion and homelessness etc. and face the difficulties of trying to “fit-in” in a new environment and the author cleverly introduces these issues into the narrative to help make young readers become more aware of the problems and their implications.

The blending of the storyline with real history and legend is an appealing “trademark” of Helen Dennis’ easy and interesting writing style that she successfully developed in the prequel “The Tunnellers – Maid Marion’s People” and she maintains the same balanced approach in this latest follow-up. At the end of the book she also includes lots of useful information references to encourage readers to re-live the adventures by visiting the places and locations for themselves.

There are less Robin Hood references than in the previous book but that doesn’t stop Helen Dennis from telling an absorbing and thought-provoking story that 8 -12 year olds will eagerly enjoy and adults interested in local history “can be 10 again!”

A thoroughly recommended book that effectively brings “The Tunnellers” saga into today’s world.

However, I do have great difficulty in coming to terms with the suggestion that Robin Hood’s horse would have been called “Pancho”!!!

Bob White, January 2016.