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Find Robin Hood! – New initiative launched to trace the impact of the legend


The internet-based World Wide Robin Hood Society are asking the general public to keep an eye open for any instances where Robin Hood’s name is being used, along with other character and place names from the traditional tale. It might be in the name of a company or business; a public house or restaurant etc; a place name or geographic location; a street or road name or it might simply be an outline or image on a sign etc. Wherever Robin and his legendary companions are  hiding – the public are being asked to search him out and the Society have persuaded the present day Sheriff of Nottingham, Councillor Glyin Jenkins to also encourage everyone to be on the look-out for any references to characters and places from the legend such as Little John, Maid Marian, Friar Tuck, Nottingham Castle, Sherwood Forest and of course the Sheriff of Nottingham.

The initiative is all part of a new research project being set up by the World Wide Robin Hood Society, designed to help establish the true impact of the Robin Hood legend, both here in the UK and around the globe. Chairman, Bob White says “Just over a year ago the Society ran a very limited pilot scheme to test public reaction to the idea and its success confirmed that the initiative had a lot of potential. The pilot scheme also revealed just how varied the Robin Hood connections were and it became apparent that with the rapid development of technology it was absolutely essential to also provide a facility for the public to be able to submit a picture from their mobile phone or camera.”

The Sheriff said “Many local people still don’t realise just how powerful the Robin Hood legend has become in popular culture and I am pleased to help promote this initiative which also has the future potential aim of creating a network of educational, commercial and individual link-ups that could be good for business and the community in the City and County.”

“It’s really simple to take part.” commented Bob White, “When someone “finds” Robin, or any connections with his legendary friends and haunts, then they should go on-line to the specially dedicated link at  and let the World Wide Robin Hood Society know where and when they found the Robin Hood – related reference and, if possible, also send in a photo image or “selfie”. Each month, the person submitting the most interesting sighting will receive a token “arrow pen” and a special scroll certificate, personally signed by the present day Sheriff of Nottingham. Wherever Robin Hood is “hiding” the Society and the Sheriff want to know!”