Robin Hood News-Line:

Society takes part in panel of experts discussing the best and worst portrayals of Robin Hood in the movies

With the new Robin Hood movie starring Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx currently scheduled for general release in November, not-for-profit company, Robin Hood Energy, recently invited the World Wide Robin Hood Society to join a panel of “experts” to give their opinions on who they thought gave the best and worst portrayals of Robin Hood in the movies. The outcome of their deliberations can be viewed at

Chairman Bob White was the Society’s representative on the film panel but he personally considers the best over-all portrayal of Robin Hood to have been the “small screen” performance by Michael Praed in the popular 1980’s “Robin Of Sherwood” television series made by HTV/Goldcrest. Bob commented “For me personally, Praed, was definitively the ideal Robin Hood! He had the look and screen presence and the benefit of writer/creator Richard Carpenter’s tight scripts that cleverly blended the traditional tales with a hint of mystery and magic.”