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Review of The Original Robin Hood by Thor Ewing

Most Robin Hood related books are usually either factual, historical reference works or dramatic interpretations of the traditional popular story, re-imagined for children and adults. Thor Ewing’s new book logically falls into the first category. But don’t let that put you off, because the author presents the traditional ballads in diligently re-worked translations in modern English that make the iconic legend easier to understand and to more fully appreciate the stories being told. Whether you are an academic student; a medieval history buff or just an interested reader, having this compact book to hand could prove to be a useful and well-researched reference to the background of the Robin Hood legend.

In the book’s comprehensive introduction, the author clearly sets out the structure of the book’s contents and puts forward some interesting observations and plausible assumptions. He touches on potentially sensitive and controversial issues such as the outlaw’s suggested Scottish heritage; his often-doubted noble ancestry; the introduction of Maid Marian as the legend’s love interest and the eternally thorny question regarding Robin’s Nottinghamshire or Yorkshire roots! All often fiercely contested factors when viewed from certain historical standpoints.

Together with a timeline and some useful appendices, Thor Ewing presents his collective translations of the traditional Robin Hood ballads and plays etc. for readers to draw their own conclusions. Always a vital factor, that provides the essential lifeblood of the popular, globally loved tales and ensures the iconic Robin Hood legend lives on!

BOB WHITE: Chairman of the internet-based World Wide Robin Hood Society.  (2/1/21)


The Original Robin Hood” by Thor Ewing (ISBN 978-1-910075-13-5) is published by Welkin Books Ltd., Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 2ST.