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New Kindle Book – “Robin Hood: The Legacy of A Folk Hero”

New Kindle Book – “Robin Hood: The Legacy of A Folk Hero”


New kindle book - "Robin Hood: The legacy of a folk Hero" gives a brief but fascinating insight into one of Britain’s and the world’s most enduring and iconic legends. The title discusses interesting facts and trivia, along with the complexity and issues that surround the traditional stories and also explores how Robin and his Merry Men still impact on us to this day in various aspects of popular culture. Written by Robert White, long-standing chairman of the internet based World Wide Robin Hood Society, it has been recently published by BLKDOG and further details can be found at-


Why The Legend Lives On!

Why the Legend lives on!

The start of the New Year of 2014 surprisingly also reminds us that it is around 800 years since the tales of Robin Hood first appeared in a written down format - although they had of course been passed on by word of mouth for some two centuries before that – which is an absolutely amazing length of time for such a story to survive and hold a dominant position in popular culture. So what makes the tale so fascinating that, even after eight centuries, (during which time it has been re-told thousands, if not millions of times) it can still fire the imagination of new generations and capture people's hearts? Whatever it is, the traditional story of Robin Hood and his outlaw band has got it "by the shed-load" and that's why it has acquired the iconic status of becoming a "legend"!

The essential "ingredient" that usually contributes the most towards the creation of a "legend" is having an element of mystery to the story that still remains in doubt. In the case of Robin Hood it is the question of there being no undisputed, historical proof of his actual existence. For other "legendary" characters and events, such as King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table, Joan of Arc's spiritual visions or, from more recent times, the conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy or the disputed suicide of actress Marilyn Monroe, it is the factor of "not knowing for sure" – which offers the opportunity for a potential "alternative" interpretation of the facts that we can all contemplate and theorise about and draw our own individual conclusions ! That is the elusive "magical" element that has the power to create a legend.

Looking back across 2013, Robin Hood was constantly featured in the global media and maintained his public profile through a variety of diverse news stories and events and during that 12 month period, I have personally reviewed 3 new books on the subject ("Robin Hood" an academic assessment by Professor Jim Bradbury; "The Tunnellers – Maid Marion's People" by Helen Dennis , a children's story with a science fiction twist and "The Arrow of Sherwood" by Lauren Johnson, a well-researched historical fiction novel) plus "Hood – Noble Secrets" a dramatic re-telling of the tale on an audio CD by the production company Spiteful Puppet. There have also been 2 new documentaries for television and DVD - plus yet another graphic novel interpretation to add to the rich tapestry of illustrative images that continue to fascinate the fantasy art genre. In October, the movie "The Last of Robin Hood" starring Kevin Kline and Susan Sarandon, had its premiere, although it is actually about the actor, Errol Flynn! In March, there was controversy over claims that Robin Hood originally came from Tunbridge Wells and later in the year there were also doubts about the authenticity of the pair of boots put up for auction that were supposedly worn by Errol Flynn in the 1938 classic movie "The Adventures of Robin Hood". The University of Nottingham held an afternoon public lecture event in October at which a team of academic experts presented their thoughts on the many historical faces of Robin Hood and even the daily BBC Radio serial, "The Archers", featured the cast putting on a Robin Hood musical play as part of the village of Ambridge's seasonal Christmas celebrations!

So, with 2014 barely out of the starting blocks, what "secrets" does the New Year have in store to ensure that the much-loved Robin Hood legend continues to occupy centre-stage and remain in the public spotlight? Well, there is a new Robin Hood-related film in the pipeline! DreamWorks have a revisionist version of the tale in production, provisionally titled "Merry Men" which, according to their publicity, incorporates "a revenge angle that is tonally reminiscent of "The Dirty Dozen" and "Ocean's Eleven". In the Spring, there will also be a 30th Anniversary Reunion of the cast, crew and fans of the 1980's iconic HTV television series "Robin of Sherwood". The City Council will learn if its revised application for Heritage Lottery Funding towards the proposals for a major visitor attraction at Nottingham Castle has been successful and we can also expect some controversial debate arising when Nottingham and Nottinghamshire's business and commercial sector is asked to "search its soul" in a hard-hitting Robin Hood Brand Awareness Survey designed to" once and for all get to the root of why, in the eyes of the world, the City and County repeatedly under-exploits the potential benefits of their Robin Hood connections"!

So there seems little doubt that the legacy of the Robin Hood legend will not only periodically feature through-out the months ahead but that it is clearly set to continue for centuries to come!


Review of the Novella “A Lonely Road” by Peter Morrison

Review of the Novella "A Lonely Road" by Peter Morrison

Having read hundreds of Robin Hood related books and articles over the years, I am always interested in how a new author incorporates a link to the traditional tales and what approach they adopt, so when Peter Morrison's "A Lonely Road" landed on my desk it was a real breath of fresh air.

The storyline addresses the subject from a distinct new angle and focuses on aspects of the familiar legend as a criminal investigation and cleverly ratchets up the drama in a plot that crackles with intrigue and interesting characters and unfolds against a background of events in Northern England in 1214. Thomas Sturdy, a young advocate, comes upon a grave at the edge of the forest and the discovery sets off a chain of events and revelations as interesting as any modern day detective novel.

Author, Peter Morrison says, "I wanted to write a short but intricate story which held the reader's interest all the way while evoking a sense of the distant past." Well, this excellent work of fiction with a difference has certainly delivered his intentions and also helped to re-establish the novella as a succinct and valid literary format.

This book is available from at just £3.99, this is definitely a Robin Hood book with a new perspective and highly recommended to all lovers of quality crime fiction.

Bob White - World Wide Robin Hood Society. 16/7/15


Robin Hood heads East to the Punjab!

Robin Hood heads east to the Punjab!

In his newly published first book, writer and broadcaster, Billy Babu, re-routes the traditional tale of Robin Hood into the Punjab region of Northern India.

"Rubinder Hood: Prince of Chors (Punjabi for thief)" adapts several stories about the English folklore hero and gives them a different multi-cultural twist! Maid Marian is re-named Mere Merion and the Sheriff becomes the Sharif of Not-eating-ham ! The author says that the idea of transporting the traditional legend into Indian culture came about through a conversation with his late mother.

The book is just the latest example of the global attraction the Robin Hood story has for writers and how the legendary tales can be re-told to appeal to a new audience and help ensure their continued popularity.


The Tunnellers 2

The Tunnellers 2

Book Review


By Helen Dennis

ISBN 978-0-9926063-2-9

(The book is published by the author and 10% of the profits will go to Childline 08001111)

“In “The Tunnellers 2”, author Helen Dennis continues the story of the families who lived underground beneath Maid Marion’s Cottage in Blidworth, where unexpected events have forced them to “come-up” and live in the realities of the modern world. Here they encounter the social issues of bullying , suspicion and homelessness etc. and face the difficulties of trying to “fit-in” in a new environment and the author cleverly introduces these issues into the narrative to help make young readers become more aware of the problems and their implications.

The blending of the storyline with real history and legend is an appealing “trademark” of Helen Dennis’ easy and interesting writing style that she successfully developed in the prequel “The Tunnellers – Maid Marion’s People” and she maintains the same balanced approach in this latest follow-up. At the end of the book she also includes lots of useful information references to encourage readers to re-live the adventures by visiting the places and locations for themselves.

There are less Robin Hood references than in the previous book but that doesn’t stop Helen Dennis from telling an absorbing and thought-provoking story that 8 -12 year olds will eagerly enjoy and adults interested in local history “can be 10 again!”

A thoroughly recommended book that effectively brings “The Tunnellers” saga into today’s world.

However, I do have great difficulty in coming to terms with the suggestion that Robin Hood’s horse would have been called “Pancho”!!!

Bob White, January 2016.